Armpit Hypnosis And Deep Eye Seduction Clip

by SpoiledJenny on June 5, 2014

You get so hot looking at me, you’re already excited. Your cock already is getting hard knowing i’m going to humiliate you. You want to jerk off to my hot smelly armpit so bad don’t you. You want to get right up inside my sexy smooth armpit and jerk that cock off so much. Do you want to slide it inside my armpit? Or maybe you want to get your nose deep inside so you can smell it, here come nice and close smell my fingers and lick them oh yeah thats getting you so turned on looking at that armpit isn’t it. My armpit owns you so much. My armpit hypnotizes you and your cock. All hot and sweaty you want to shove your face closer and closer. Jerk it off armpit lover and lick up that stinky pretty pit jerk off!

Armpit Jerk Off

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