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Whip Out Your Wallet And Pay My Toes, Loser!

by SpoiledJenny on November 9, 2017

Hot clip to worship my spoiled feet! Look at my pretty pink toes, they are so soft and so perfect. You’re going to get naked for me and then you’re going to open your wallet and pay my pretty feet. My delicious toes want hundred dollar bills wrapped around them and thats what I expect you to do. You love my feet, you’ll do anything for them and now its time to pay your Princess Jenny and show my pretty soles the cash devotion they deserve.


Worship My Perfect Princess Ass And Inhale My Juicy Princess Farts
So boys, you tell me how much you love my ass and “Oh Jenny you have the best ass in the world”. Well, the question is just how much do you love my ass? I just got back from lunch and I’m starting to feel really gassy. I really stuffed my face but I did it all for you! I did it because you love my gorgeous ass! All that lunch is getting too me and I have a big juicy fart that I’m ready to rip and you’re going to smell it! You’re such a nasty gross boy and you’ll do anything for my ass and I knew it! My stomach is still aching and I have a bigger, louder and more potent fart I’m going to blow right in your face! Ha Ha Ha that was so smelly and gross, I can’t believe the way you love inhaling my farts! I want your nose so far up my ass that you taste my farts out of my nasty smelly gorgeous ass! Take my farts and jerk your pathetic dick off loser! Breathe it in deep, nasty boy. Now say it, You still love my gorgeous ass.



Golden Ball Ass Hypnosis Mind Melt Fetish Clip

by SpoiledJenny on June 1, 2017

Jenny jerk it and fall under my spell of my HOT powerful ASS.

Golden Ball Ass Hypnosis Mind Melt Control

Submit yourself to my ass, surrender and give yourself to the power of the golden ball. Sit back and just listen to the music or put it on mute as you follow the golden ball mesmerize and hypnotize you into a deep state of ass hypnosis and surrender. You will become even more infatuated and in love with my ass. Your eyes will dart back and forth as you allow yourself to surrender to me. Follow the Golden ball, stare deep into my beautiful ass and devote yourself to me. Follow the golden ball, stare and stroke and stare and stroke as the gold ball frees your mind allowing me to turn you into more of a Jenny jerking ass puppet.


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It’s 2017 and you’re still on Niteflirt and STILL a loser jerk off Jenny jerking Princess junkie!
You perverts can’t get enough of opening your wallet for me and 2017 will be no exception! Click and pay and become even more of a pay pig loser having to PAY to look at my beautiful ass and pussy! Start the year off Jenny jerking to my hot photos. Pay your Princess Jenny now you Jenny jerking addicts! 
$5.00 Click and pay, you know your goals are to be a BIGGER LOSER JENNY JERKER! 


You’re An Obsessed Sissy Panty Slut

by SpoiledJenny on October 13, 2016

I Know The Truth You’re A Panty Obsessed Sissy Slut
No one has any true idea of what and who you really are! I know the truth, that you’re a raging panty sissy slut. You’re addicted to panties, wearing them, smelling them and everything you can do to get your hands on them and feel a nice G string up your ass. Admit it, your totally addicted to panties and all the nasty things you want to do with all those dirty panties. You want my used panties so bad, is that you who’s been stealing my panties out of the laundry because I seem to be missing a ton and I know its you. I know what a panty sissy that you are and its you stealing those thongs putting them on. You probably steal your wife’s panties and stash those nasty cum filled panties so you can smell them you panty obsessed loser! You probably sit and pose in the mirror like a pathetic sissy slut. I really want to tell everyone what that you’re a panty thief sissy slut you are.



Crushing You Like A Gummy Bear Under My Bare Soles Foot Fetish

May 12, 2016

I love gummy candy but, the more I sit here and talk to you its making me now think about you. Yuck, I don’t want to eat these anymore. I’m just going to do what I would do to you right now and thats squash you with my pretty feet. I’m going to take these […]

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Jenny Jerker Jenny Jerker You’re a Loser Jenny Jerker!

February 2, 2016

Jenny Jerker Jenny Jerker You’re a Loser Jenny Jerker! You know how when you call me on Niteflirt and I start to mock you and chant “Jenny Jerker Jenny Jerker You’re a Loser Jenny Jerker” and then sing it along with me as you’re Jenny jerking it. Well, now you can watch me chant my […]

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Smoking In Your Face Intense Verbal Humiliation

May 7, 2015

Smoking In Your Face Intense Verbal Humiliation Do you want to want to watch me smoke? Are you one of those fucking perverts who like to watch girls smoke? I think you’re so disgusting, I don’t even like to smoke but I want to blow all that smoke in your loser fucking face!. It’s so […]

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Loser Calls And Gets Denied And Humiliated Asking Me On A Date

April 3, 2015

Loser Calls And Gets Denied And Humiliated Asking Me On A Date I was getting ready to go out in my hot gold tight dress, and then you called, Yes it was you LOSER, once again calling and begging me for a date. DENIED! Do you think someone like me would date a loser like […]

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