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Loser Calls And Gets Denied And Humiliated Asking Me On A Date

April 3, 2015

Loser Calls And Gets Denied And Humiliated Asking Me On A Date I was getting ready to go out in my hot gold tight dress, and then you called, Yes it was you LOSER, once again calling and begging me for a date. DENIED! Do you think someone like me would date a loser like […]

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Stare Deep Into My Hypnotic Eyes

March 5, 2015

You’re so fixated on looking deep into my eyes and now you’re going to sit back and listen to the relaxing music and get lost in my hypnotic eyes. You will look deep into my honey drenched eyes and surrender to me. Surrender deep into my hypnotic honey eyes as they own you and control […]

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Princess Jenny Valentine Home Wrecker

February 10, 2015

What did you get me for Valentines day this year? You know what a bitchy home wrecker I am so I hope you’re getting me whatever I want. This year skip the shitty candy and cheap lingerie I want a ton more then that. Thats how I want it this year. You think I care […]

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Ass Hypnosis Fetish Clip Mind Controlling Ass

January 31, 2015

Happy New Year Jenny jerkers! It was so hot and beautiful out yesterday and I decided to kick off the year and have you really worship my beautiful ass and fall deeper into a Jenny jerking spell. I was teasing my girlfriend and she started filming me and it turned out so hypnotizing and hot. […]

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Nylons In Uggs Fetish Clip

November 19, 2014

Humiliation Jerk Off To My Uggs And Sweaty Hot Feet Clip You love when I wear my Uggs with shorts and some nylons don’t you. You know my feet are going to get extra hot and sweaty and a loser like you totally wants to smell and worship my feet. You want to cum on […]

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You’re A Cum Lover Who Wants To Eat His Own Cum CEI Clip

August 5, 2014

You’re a cum craving whore and today is your lucky day because I’m going to make you jerk that cock off right in your face. Wait until you hear this epic cum eating instructional. Thank me now because I’m about to make you into being the best cum eating homo faggot! I know what you’ve […]

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Sensual Armpit, Eyes and Lips Seduction Hypnosis 2 Clip

March 25, 2014

Relax and fall under the spell of my beautiful and powerful armpits. This clip is a hypnotizing seduction set to music and you just relax and watch me tease you with my beautifully smelly soft warm armpit. My hypnotic eyes looking deep into you teasing you along and drawing you into deep state of hypnotic […]

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Valentine Home Wrecker Femdom Humiliation

February 13, 2014

Valentines is upon us Jenny jerkers, how are you going to show me your best slave dedication? Once again cupids arrow didn’t hit you this year so now you and your lonely loser self can go drown in beer.  You wish you were mine you whine But I decline your Valentine.  Little loser valentine Jenny […]

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365 Days Of Masturbation Challenge Fetish Clip

January 6, 2014

Happy New Year! With this new year comes a new challenge! So you say you’re a Jenny jerker, you say yes and I say PROVE IT. A true Jenny jerker will jerk off to me every single day. That’s a 365 day a year challenge where you stroke and pay every single day. Ha, I […]

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