Ass Worship

Deep Intense Princess Humiliation Ass Worship

by SpoiledJenny on April 19, 2018

Deep Intense Princess Humiliation Ass Worship

You love my ass so much and I know what you’re really after, you’re really obsessed with my butthole. Do you think I should show it to you? Do you deserve it, loser? What would do if I did show it to you? What do you think you’re going to get if I let you see my asshole? You’re going to love me showing it to you as you beg me for that fucking pretty asshole. Look at hard your loser dick is getting seeing my asshole! My asshole is fucking gold to you, you’ll give up everything for this pretty femdom asshole. Get your face closer, loser. Look at that, all you ever wanted, to get up close sniffing deep into my wide spread ass. Worship it, worship it good and get it right now that I’ve shown it to you. Tell my why you deserve this how fucking asshole? You only deserve it when its stinky and dirty and no matter what you’re going to love having your face in that sweaty butthole because its beautiful. Don’t you love watching me shake my ass in your face as I lick my finger and play with it. Now jerk your fucking dick and get your nose in my ass you pig! Tell me how you want to taste my asshole you dirty slave! Beg for more as you can’t resist. Put your piggy nose where it belongs and show me what a Jenny jerker you are.



Worship My Perfect Princess Ass And Inhale My Juicy Princess Farts
So boys, you tell me how much you love my ass and “Oh Jenny you have the best ass in the world”. Well, the question is just how much do you love my ass? I just got back from lunch and I’m starting to feel really gassy. I really stuffed my face but I did it all for you! I did it because you love my gorgeous ass! All that lunch is getting too me and I have a big juicy fart that I’m ready to rip and you’re going to smell it! You’re such a nasty gross boy and you’ll do anything for my ass and I knew it! My stomach is still aching and I have a bigger, louder and more potent fart I’m going to blow right in your face! Ha Ha Ha that was so smelly and gross, I can’t believe the way you love inhaling my farts! I want your nose so far up my ass that you taste my farts out of my nasty smelly gorgeous ass! Take my farts and jerk your pathetic dick off loser! Breathe it in deep, nasty boy. Now say it, You still love my gorgeous ass.



Spring Break Brainwashing Bitch Blackmail Fetish

by SpoiledJenny on March 30, 2017

Spring Break Brainwashing Bitch Blackmail Photos

My body is pure danger but you like a little danger. You’re spending Spring break with family and friends or maybe you’re alone. One thing is for sure, you’re horny as fuck and can’t stop thinking about jerking off. Thats why you’re going to Jenny jerk to my brainwashing hot photos. I don’t care where you are, head to the nearest private place right now. You will stare at my tits for 10 minutes. You will feel more of my brainwashing hold take over and you might even call another Woman Jenny. If you’re not careful with all the information you’ve told me it could get scary. You will begin to find my ass is taking over your mind and all you want to do is say YES to my ass. Yes, Jenny, Yes Jenny. Yes Jenny I will do whatever you say! Show me how much of a Jenny jerker that you are. Open your wallet and PAY this PRINCESS ASS!



You’re An Obsessed Sissy Panty Slut

by SpoiledJenny on October 13, 2016

I Know The Truth You’re A Panty Obsessed Sissy Slut
No one has any true idea of what and who you really are! I know the truth, that you’re a raging panty sissy slut. You’re addicted to panties, wearing them, smelling them and everything you can do to get your hands on them and feel a nice G string up your ass. Admit it, your totally addicted to panties and all the nasty things you want to do with all those dirty panties. You want my used panties so bad, is that you who’s been stealing my panties out of the laundry because I seem to be missing a ton and I know its you. I know what a panty sissy that you are and its you stealing those thongs putting them on. You probably steal your wife’s panties and stash those nasty cum filled panties so you can smell them you panty obsessed loser! You probably sit and pose in the mirror like a pathetic sissy slut. I really want to tell everyone what that you’re a panty thief sissy slut you are.



I’m 100 Times Hotter Than That Bitch

by SpoiledJenny on December 9, 2015

I’m a 100 times hotter then your wife or girlfriend.  You wish your wife was as hot as me, your girlfriend cant get your cock hard like me can she.  You wish you were under my hot body fucking me don’t you. But your not, you could never have me and thats why you have her. Look at this perfect body, look at my ass, my tits, you WISH! You love the way I show off my tits at you and touch my pussy to fuck with your head. You’re gonna be thinking of me every time you touch her.  You may slip up and say my name. I know you jack off thinking about be even after you’ve fucked her. She can’t get your cock hard the way Princess does can she.  My body controls you. Go find that pussy of yours and go fantasize about me

I'm 100 Times Hotter Than Her


Quit Lurking Start Paying Your Princess

September 10, 2015

How many times a day or week do you sit and jerk your cock to Me and NOT pay? Too many times, and thats not how I like it! It’s time for you to pay your Princess you Jenny jerking pervert. You think you can just sit and lurk at my page and watch my […]

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Summer Brainwashing Booty Blackmail Photos

June 22, 2015

Summer Brainwashing Booty Blackmail Photos My ass is dangerous but you like a little danger. Thats why you’re going to Jenny jerk to my brainwashing booty blackmail photos. You will stare at my ass for 15 minutes, focusing on my asscentric brainwashing photos. You will begin to find my ass is taking over your mind […]

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Princess Jenny Valentine Home Wrecker

February 10, 2015

What did you get me for Valentines day this year? You know what a bitchy home wrecker I am so I hope you’re getting me whatever I want. This year skip the shitty candy and cheap lingerie I want a ton more then that. Thats how I want it this year. You think I care […]

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Ass Hypnosis Fetish Clip Mind Controlling Ass

January 31, 2015

Happy New Year Jenny jerkers! It was so hot and beautiful out yesterday and I decided to kick off the year and have you really worship my beautiful ass and fall deeper into a Jenny jerking spell. I was teasing my girlfriend and she started filming me and it turned out so hypnotizing and hot. […]

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