Ass Worship

Brainwashing Body Holiday Home Wreck Humiliation

December 17, 2014

Brainwashing Body Holiday Home Wreck Humiliation You know how dangerous it is falling into my hypnotic body trap but, you love being a little on the edge. My body is going to brainwash you into giving me all your holiday money. I’m going to take all your holiday cash and you WANT to give it […]

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Worship, Obey, Submit To My Hypnotic POWER Thong

July 15, 2014

Feel your pulse quicken as you click and pay to worship, obey and submit to the power of my incredible black thong. You will become so weak, you will fall hard and you will be ready to open your wallet to serve your Princess Jenny. Buy it NOW and jerk for Jenny!

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365 Days Of Masturbation Challenge Fetish Clip

January 6, 2014

Happy New Year! With this new year comes a new challenge! So you say you’re a Jenny jerker, you say yes and I say PROVE IT. A true Jenny jerker will jerk off to me every single day. That’s a 365 day a year challenge where you stroke and pay every single day. Ha, I […]

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Femdom Captioned Humiliation Photo Set

February 5, 2013

Hey Jenny jerking addicts I thought I would make a fun and humiliating captioned photo set. This is perfect for those who have an upskirt fetish,pussy fetish, any fetish really that comes with looking at my hypnotic addicting body. I’ve got a new Femdom caption photo set on Niteflirt to get your little dick hard […]

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Seduced At The Casino Financial Domination Seduction

August 24, 2012

New HOT fetish  clip download! In your face humiliation! I’m the ultimate in hot girl humiliation and seduction. I saw you at the casino winning all that money, I had My eye on you all night. Right from the start when I saw you at that roulette wheel winning you had that stupid glimmer in […]

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Workout Fetish Ass Seduction Bikini Mind Fuck

May 16, 2012

Download NOW! Sexy hot hard cock inducing tease clip of me in a sexy bikini working out and stretching and straddling My workout ball. I see creepy losers like you staring at me in the gym every day. Watching me stretch and getting hard at every move I make. Now you’re going to get a […]

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Valentine Home Wrecker Clip Part 2

February 14, 2012

What did you get me for Valentines day this year? You know what a bitchy home wrecker I am so I hope you’re getting me whatever I want. This year skip the shitty candy and cheap lingerie I want a ton more then that. Thats how I want it this year. You think I care […]

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Latex Lovers Balloon Busting Fetish

December 27, 2011

Do you love latex? Do you love balloons? Do you love hot bratty Princess’s in sexy sequin bikinis busting balloons in your pathetic drooling loser face! Sissy’s, pigs, and worship fiends watch as I burst your pink balls with my hot perfect Princess body. I slowly come for the attack for find each one of […]

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Gold Ass Shiny Pants Worship

December 27, 2011

Are you my butt boy bitch? Streaming clip of you following my gold shiny ass and get really close worshiping and sniffing this perfect Princess ass. Get nice and close up and as a good boy you get a nice treat when I pull down my pants and let you get your nose deep in […]

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