Denim Fetish

Jerk off too my hot body as I mind fuck and seduce you with my hot body and cute jeans. This clip is set to music with me dancing and giving you the most seductive glares as you obsess and worship my denim. You’re so obsessed with my ass in jeans, you want to lick them, you want your nose in the crotch so bad to smell them. Get real Jenny jerker, thats why I made this clip. Losers like you only get to be teased by my hot Princess body So heres what I want you to do jerk pig, I want you to buy this now and take out your pathetic rejected little dick and start Jenny jerking it! jerk it to my hot ass and jeans! Do it now you Jenny jerking loser!


Seduced At The Casino Financial Domination Seduction

by SpoiledJenny on August 24, 2012

New HOT fetish  clip download! In your face humiliation! I’m the ultimate in hot girl humiliation and seduction. I saw you at the casino winning all that money, I had My eye on you all night. Right from the start when I saw you at that roulette wheel winning you had that stupid glimmer in your eye. I saw you staring at my ass in my tight designer denim. You’re such a slave for a girl in hot jeans I knew how weak you were. I knew I could get you back to my room with that full wallet and seduce you and take it all for myself! Now that I’ve got you back at my room all tied up you’re totally fucked! You love my sexy outfit and my tight jeans and the way I flaunt my ass in your face. You can’t resist my body or my long legs and you know its too late now you’re so fucked! All the money goes to ME fuck face, you’re MINE forever you little winning gamble slut. You’re such a fuck face I’m gonna gag you with My panties, I don’t want to hear you talking you’re too stupid for me to listen too. So what should we do about this? You’ll just have to keep making me more and more and stuffing all those winnings into My pockets. Go make me more and more cash you casino slut ! Bank roll My pockets piggy.

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Skin Tight Jeans Fetish Denim Ass Worship Clip

by SpoiledJenny on December 26, 2011

Men who love jeans,ass addicts, Jean fetish and clothing fetish lovers my designer clad ass is back again. Skin tight and wrapped up like a vision against my thighs you’ll be getting to sniff my crotch.
Streaming HOT clip ass lovers fall in love with my bratty ass! 5:15 min long

Jeans Worship Denim Ass To Sniff Lust After I know you like looking at me in my in my skin tight jeans. I ONLY wear designer jeans because I’m such a spoiled bitch Princess and YOU pay for them. They sound so hot the way they sound when I smack my ass and make them go pop and snap. My sexy long legs and my pretty ass up in your face making you smell and lick my tight denim jeans. I know you want to touch my denim and feel it against my perfect curves. You want to worship my jeans and watch me smack my ass and tease you getting you all hard and stupid. I love rubbing my hands all over my body and feeling the denim. You’re going to watch this and get so addicted you will buy me more and more denim. You will become by my body watching me in my skin tight jeans. You love when I smack my ass don’t you. Come Sniff my denim clad ass crack loser! Pay for my NEW jeans! Click, pay and worship then head to my Amazon wish list and buy me MORE jeans!