Humiliation Assignments

You’re An Obsessed Sissy Panty Slut

by SpoiledJenny on October 13, 2016

I Know The Truth You’re A Panty Obsessed Sissy Slut
No one has any true idea of what and who you really are! I know the truth, that you’re a raging panty sissy slut. You’re addicted to panties, wearing them, smelling them and everything you can do to get your hands on them and feel a nice G string up your ass. Admit it, your totally addicted to panties and all the nasty things you want to do with all those dirty panties. You want my used panties so bad, is that you who’s been stealing my panties out of the laundry because I seem to be missing a ton and I know its you. I know what a panty sissy that you are and its you stealing those thongs putting them on. You probably steal your wife’s panties and stash those nasty cum filled panties so you can smell them you panty obsessed loser! You probably sit and pose in the mirror like a pathetic sissy slut. I really want to tell everyone what that you’re a panty thief sissy slut you are.



You’re a cum craving whore and today is your lucky day because I’m going to make you jerk that cock off right in your face. Wait until you hear this epic cum eating instructional. Thank me now because I’m about to make you into being the best cum eating homo faggot! I know what you’ve got on your mind every single day cum! You wake up and think of eating cum, you’re mid way into your day and you find yourself thinking about eating cum. It never ends because the truth is you’re a major faggot cum whore. You’re going to jerk and jerk and jerk until you glue your eyes shut. Get ready to eat your nasty goo and get it all over your cum loving face. Get ready to Jerk for Jenny!

Cum Craver Cum Eating Instruction

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Niteflirt Masturbation Assignment

by SpoiledJenny on May 6, 2014

Boss Jenny is back in the office looking powerful on a Monday. There you are, my eye catching yours and immediately you’re ready to submit. I saw your cock get hard the second I walked in today. Now sit down and shut the door. Click, pay and listen to your jerk off task from your BOSS Jenny!I was in the conference room and I overheard you talking about me. I heard you talking about my dress and how short it was. Then I heard you ask your co-worker “Do you think she has panties on?” and then you both laughed and talked about how that would be something you would love to see.



Booty Worship Clip Ass Shaking Princess

by SpoiledJenny on October 17, 2013

Princess Ass Shaking Stripper Worship
5 minute clip of me shaking my incredible Princess ass and body at you. You wish I was your own personal stripper, teasing you and grinding my Princess pussy against your tiny little cock. My ass so close to your face giving you serious booty shake making you so hard and needing more of me. You get to watch me seduce you and grind up on you but you know your never going home with me. You could never get a Princess like me. You pay to stroke to THIS body. Worship me now. Click, pay and get to Jenny jerking

Ass Shaking Sexy Body Worship


Are You An Addicted Jerk Off Slave?

by SpoiledJenny on August 28, 2013

You only want to jerk off for me, you want to be my cuckold you want me to own your cock, you want me to ruin your relationship and fuck your life up and be your homewrecker domme. You’re always telling me you want to be a Jenny jerker so I want to know. How much of a Jenny jerking slave are you for me? Take this quiz i’ve made to prove if you’re a Jenny jerker or just another wanna be jerk off boy who wishes he was under my flip flops. Where do you think you’ll rate? I have a feeling only a few of you are hard core jerk off slave’s. Copy and paste with your responses and I will be sure to let you know if I think you are a Jenny jerking worth slave. If you’re not you’d better figure a way out to please me.



Banana Blowjob Tutorial

January 16, 2013

You’re such a sissy fag all you want to do is get those slutty bimbo lips of yours wrapped around a nice big cock. I need to train you how to be a hot cock sucker so you can be my dick sucking whore and make me money! Watch as I show you how to […]

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