Loser Abuse Giantess Jenny Destruction

April 17, 2012

Download it NOW! It’s a perfect day to lay out in my bikini and tease all you boys with my sexy body. You think I don’t see you over there little loser man there you are staring at my legs and tits in my sexy bikini. Giantess Jenny is back and you’re so fucked! It’s […]

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Home Wrecker Resolutions New Year Worship Clip

January 2, 2012

Do you know what your New Years resolutions are? I know what mine are, I want to be even more of a home wrecker. I want to destroy more and more of you. I’m going to consume your mind and your life because I want everything. You may get lucky and get to keep some […]

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Christmas Homewrecker Clip! Everything Under Your Tree Is For Me.

December 27, 2011

First I ruined your orgasm , now I’m going to ruin your Christmas. It’s my very own Christmas humiliation clip card just for you Jenny jerker boy’s. A very special message for you Jenny jerkers and other obsessed addicted slaves. I’m going to take everything from you and leave you broke and feeling all alone. […]

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Barefoot And Fishnet Stocking Fetish

December 1, 2011

Foot Fetish Worship Bare Feet To Fishnet Leg Lust Worship And Jerk Off Stroke Boy Leg lovers and foot fetish slaves drop down to your hands and knees and get your Jenny jerk on.My legs and feet will own you. This is a hot clip of my beautiful long bare legs teasing and making your […]

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