Smoking In Your Face Intense Verbal Humiliation

by SpoiledJenny on May 7, 2015

Smoking In Your Face Intense Verbal Humiliation
Do you want to want to watch me smoke? Are you one of those fucking perverts who like to watch girls smoke? I think you’re so disgusting, I don’t even like to smoke but I want to blow all that smoke in your loser fucking face!. It’s so pathetic that it gets you off watching me smoke. Keep watching as I humiliate the shit out of your pathetic loser self and rip on you for your loser fetish and fascination with hot girls smoking.


Smoking Humiliation


Smoking In Your Face Clip 1

by SpoiledJenny on December 2, 2011

Smoking fetish boys come close to my perfect mouth and get on your knees and assume your position of being a human ashtray. Pay Princess Jenny smokes in your ugly loser face, flicking my ashes at you and using you as my ashtray. That’s right loser, get on your knees and open wide loser! Come closer to my seductive lips and watch as I blow smoke in your face Choke on it, take in in, suck it in as I take over your sorry life. My perfect lips blowing smoke in your face makes you so weak, what’s the matter pussy boy are you afraid of me burning your tongue. You better do what I say bitch! .Click and pay !