Deep Intense Princess Humiliation Ass Worship

by SpoiledJenny on April 19, 2018

Deep Intense Princess Humiliation Ass Worship

You love my ass so much and I know what you’re really after, you’re really obsessed with my butthole. Do you think I should show it to you? Do you deserve it, loser? What would do if I did show it to you? What do you think you’re going to get if I let you see my asshole? You’re going to love me showing it to you as you beg me for that fucking pretty asshole. Look at hard your loser dick is getting seeing my asshole! My asshole is fucking gold to you, you’ll give up everything for this pretty femdom asshole. Get your face closer, loser. Look at that, all you ever wanted, to get up close sniffing deep into my wide spread ass. Worship it, worship it good and get it right now that I’ve shown it to you. Tell my why you deserve this how fucking asshole? You only deserve it when its stinky and dirty and no matter what you’re going to love having your face in that sweaty butthole because its beautiful. Don’t you love watching me shake my ass in your face as I lick my finger and play with it. Now jerk your fucking dick and get your nose in my ass you pig! Tell me how you want to taste my asshole you dirty slave! Beg for more as you can’t resist. Put your piggy nose where it belongs and show me what a Jenny jerker you are.


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