Lick It Up, Loser! Blackmailing Worship Photo Set

by SpoiledJenny on May 2, 2017

Lick It Up, Loser! Blackmailing Worship Photo Set
Back from a night out at the club wearing sexy heels and my feet are sore from dancing all night. You wanted to come home with me. You’re going to have to do what I want now. My hot wet pussy is so juicy from grinding my ass into hot guys cocks all night on the dance floor. Here’s my job for you slave boy, you’re going to strip down for me and get on your knees and clean the bottoms of my shoes like a good little shoe licking slave. Then you’re going to take them off and rub my feet. I don’t have my panties on so you can smell how hot and wet my pussy is but a loser like you will never get to lick that up! If you don’t do exactly as I say right now, I’m going to expose you! Lick it up now loser Jenny Jerker!


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