Loser Abuse Giantess Jenny Destruction

by SpoiledJenny on April 17, 2012

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It’s a perfect day to lay out in my bikini and tease all you boys with my sexy body. You think I don’t see you over there little loser man there you are staring at my legs and tits in my sexy bikini. Giantess Jenny is back and you’re so fucked! It’s kinda making me sick seeing you drooling and your hard cock poking out of your shorts. You’re really an ugly loser and now I’m going to destroy you and smash you into a million pieces. I’m going to bash your balls right into a tree and crush you with my hands and feet and destroy you and you’re going to love every minute of it. You get what you deserve for staring at me while I’m trying to get a tan. Not only am I going to rip your limbs apart but I’m going to mash you in the dirt with my pretty feet in my hot metallic flip flops. Eat dirt bitch!


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