Nylons In Uggs Fetish Clip

by SpoiledJenny on November 19, 2014

Humiliation Jerk Off To My Uggs And Sweaty Hot Feet Clip
You love when I wear my Uggs with shorts and some nylons don’t you. You know my feet are going to get extra hot and sweaty and a loser like you totally wants to smell and worship my feet. You want to cum on my Uggs don’t you! Ha Ha Ha you loser! I’ve walked all over today and my feet are so hot and sweaty and they really smell like pure Princess sweat! My toes are so pretty and my legs are so long and perfect. You’re going to show me what a loser you are for me and jenny jerk it to my hot feet NOW! Crawl over and start worshipping me and Jenny jerk that cock like loser you are for me!


Ugg Fetish

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