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Banana Blowjob Tutorial

by SpoiledJenny on January 16, 2013

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Banana Blow Job


JOI Jerk Off Instruction Will I Let You Cum?

by SpoiledJenny on July 12, 2012

You will stroke when I tell you too, you’re only allowed to jerk it off when I tell you or say that you can. You do as I say, you listen to what I say. I control your cock now and I’m so glad we have an understanding about this. So lets get it started, I know you wanna jerk to my tits and you’re such a pervert you even want to jerk off to my sexy armpits. I may stop you right in the middle of jerking off but you won’t know until you buy this clip and see where it leads your cock. Will I be the ultimate cock tease and make you masturbate until it hurts or am I going to be so sexy and giving and let you have a hot explosion and cum all over the place for me. I own your cock, not you. Click, pay and start stroking Jenny jerkers!


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