Workout Fetish Ass Seduction Bikini Mind Fuck

by SpoiledJenny on May 16, 2012

Download NOW! Sexy hot hard cock inducing tease clip of me in a sexy bikini working out and stretching and straddling My workout ball. I see creepy losers like you staring at me in the gym every day. Watching me stretch and getting hard at every move I make. Now you’re going to get a taste of what it is you can’t stop watching at the gym. Watch Me straddle My ball and grind My dominating ass and pussy into it. You’re so stupid you’ll probably jerking off to it wishing the ball was your face I was smothering. You wish you were that ball but you know a loser like you would never get me to ride your ugly face or run against your pathetic cock. Each time I rock back and forth bouncing up and down you’ll be dreaming of me doing it to you. Keep stroking that cock jerk off slave because you’ll never get rode like this. Hot sexy ass worship and lucky you I pull them down so you can really see them jiggle


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Valentine Home Wrecker Clip Part 2

by SpoiledJenny on February 14, 2012

What did you get me for Valentines day this year? You know what a bitchy home wrecker I am so I hope you’re getting me whatever I want. This year skip the shitty candy and cheap lingerie I want a ton more then that. Thats how I want it this year. You think I care about that wife or girlfriend? Of course I don’t I’m a professional home wrecker. This year I want you to break your back carrying all the gifts you’re going to get me. Leave the cheap shit for your lame girlfriend or wife. If you don’t maybe this year I’ll send them a sweet little love letter letting them know what you’ve been up too. You were too much of a pussy to fill out my blackmail application because you’re so scared of home wrecking Jenny. What a loser! I’m going to turn your entire life into shit if I don’t get what I want. In fact, send me a car, you can take the bus to work! Get off your fat loser ass now and head to the online mall and get shopping for ME.


Valentine Home Wrecker


Home Wrecker Resolutions New Year Worship Clip

by SpoiledJenny on January 2, 2012

Do you know what your New Years resolutions are? I know what mine are, I want to be even more of a home wrecker. I want to destroy more and more of you. I’m going to consume your mind and your life because I want everything. You may get lucky and get to keep some loose change. Are you a little pussy or do you have the balls to actually fill out my blackmail application. Stop asking what about your wife and kids I don’t give a fuck about them. It doesn’t matter you’re a Jenny jerker and I expect you to jerk 100 times more then last year! Fuck your whole family, I’m the only family you need loser! You need to fill out the blackmail application I have and then tell your family to fuck off and goodbye or maybe I’ll be the one to do it for you.


Home Wrecker 2


Fatty Fat Boy Humiliation

by SpoiledJenny on December 27, 2011

Hey you FAT BOY, Did you just cram a burger down down your throat and now feel really hot and horny. You wanna Jenny jerk and watch me in my sexy outfit flaunting my PERFECT fit body while I make fun of how FAT you are. Fat and gross as if I would ever touch a loser like you. You’re a porn addict who needs to get that fat ass off the couch. Are you staring at me as you have your cock in one hand and a burger in another. How DISGUSTING! What a major fatty! Look at that fat gut! Get off your fat ass and do something! Click, pay and get to Jenny jerking fat ass.




Lotion All Over My Sexy Feet

by SpoiledJenny on December 25, 2011

Standing in heels all day my feet are so sore! They need to be rubbed really good and with lotion. Jenny jerkers click and pay as I rub my hot feet.

Lotion On Sexy Feet



Rubbing Lotion On My Perfect Feet

December 3, 2011

Foot fetish slaves your cock is going to be so hard and weak for me. My beautiful bare feet hurt so much, All that partying and sex in my sexy high heels they ache so much and they need to be rubbed and rubbed with a lot of nice lotion all over my pretty soles. […]

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