Stare Deep Into My Hypnotic Eyes

by SpoiledJenny on March 5, 2015

You’re so fixated on looking deep into my eyes and now you’re going to sit back and listen to the relaxing music and get lost in my hypnotic eyes. You will look deep into my honey drenched eyes and surrender to me. Surrender deep into my hypnotic honey eyes as they own you and control you. You can’t look away, you can only become transfixed and seduce as they lure you in deeper and deeper becoming more and more hypnotized by my seductive eyes. You will become so relaxed and so weak for me. You will stroke and stare and find yourself surrendering to your Princess Jenny


Hypnotic Eyes Femdom


Relax and fall under the spell of my beautiful and powerful armpits. This clip is a hypnotizing seduction set to music and you just relax and watch me tease you with my beautifully smelly soft warm armpit. My hypnotic eyes looking deep into you teasing you along and drawing you into deep state of hypnotic relaxation. My sultry lips dripping against my soft perfect armpit flesh. The hot warm scent of my armpits seduces you. My eyes pull you closer hypnotizing you and making you want me even more. Pungent and feminine your fetish grows deeper making you all mine.

Armpit hypnosis 2


Look Into My Hypnotic Eyes

by SpoiledJenny on December 27, 2011

Come closer to me, come on, come over here I know you’re feeling weak. lets take a hypnotic journey where you sit back, listen to the music and look deep into my eyes, I dare you to stare into my beautiful eyes and become taken by the power that I hold in my eyes. The more you look into my eyes the more you want to pay me. The more you look into my eyes the more you click and pay me. The more you look into my eyes the deeper you fall. The deeper you fall the more of my clips you need. Its a cycle of Jenny jerking that never ends. Come to your new found reality Jenny jerkers.