Financial Domination

Whip Out Your Wallet And Pay My Toes, Loser!

by SpoiledJenny on November 9, 2017

Hot clip to worship my spoiled feet! Look at my pretty pink toes, they are so soft and so perfect. You’re going to get naked for me and then you’re going to open your wallet and pay my pretty feet. My delicious toes want hundred dollar bills wrapped around them and thats what I expect you to do. You love my feet, you’ll do anything for them and now its time to pay your Princess Jenny and show my pretty soles the cash devotion they deserve.


365 Days Of Masturbation Challenge Fetish Clip

by SpoiledJenny on January 6, 2014

Happy New Year! With this new year comes a new challenge! So you say you’re a Jenny jerker, you say yes and I say PROVE IT. A true Jenny jerker will jerk off to me every single day. That’s a 365 day a year challenge where you stroke and pay every single day. Ha, I bet you can’t even get your cock up and pay giving ME a worship load every single day. Think you can do it? I want all your focus. Don’t you want to be a true Jenny jerker paying your Princess every single day. Click, Pay and Obey!

365 jerking off challenge


Seduced At The Casino Financial Domination Seduction

by SpoiledJenny on August 24, 2012

New HOT fetish  clip download! In your face humiliation! I’m the ultimate in hot girl humiliation and seduction. I saw you at the casino winning all that money, I had My eye on you all night. Right from the start when I saw you at that roulette wheel winning you had that stupid glimmer in your eye. I saw you staring at my ass in my tight designer denim. You’re such a slave for a girl in hot jeans I knew how weak you were. I knew I could get you back to my room with that full wallet and seduce you and take it all for myself! Now that I’ve got you back at my room all tied up you’re totally fucked! You love my sexy outfit and my tight jeans and the way I flaunt my ass in your face. You can’t resist my body or my long legs and you know its too late now you’re so fucked! All the money goes to ME fuck face, you’re MINE forever you little winning gamble slut. You’re such a fuck face I’m gonna gag you with My panties, I don’t want to hear you talking you’re too stupid for me to listen too. So what should we do about this? You’ll just have to keep making me more and more and stuffing all those winnings into My pockets. Go make me more and more cash you casino slut ! Bank roll My pockets piggy.

Only $9.99 Ass lovers 


Only $9.99


Ignoring You As You Pay Me Clip

by SpoiledJenny on December 27, 2011

I’m trying to Instant message my friends and there you are staring at me, seriously what the hell are you looking at? Get your ignore fetish fix in this hot snobby bitch clip made just for you. I know you want my attention but you’re such a pathetic loser so I’m going to ignore your lame ass. Don’t think I don’t know that your staring at me and jerking that ugly little dick of yours.! How fucking HUMILIATING to PAY to be ignored. You really are a total idiot and this totally confirms it. Click. Stroke




First I ruined your orgasm , now I’m going to ruin your Christmas. It’s my very own Christmas humiliation clip card just for you Jenny jerker boy’s. A very special message for you Jenny jerkers and other obsessed addicted slaves. I’m going to take everything from you and leave you broke and feeling all alone. Everything under your tree is going to be for me, I mean really, just look at me, you cant say no to me, fuck your family, Screw your wife, girlfriend, whatever I really don’t care, I just know that I want it all. You want to give it to me, you me to have it all. Maybe I’ll let you keep a penny. You want to give me the biggest and best presents under MY tree.


Homewrecker Christmas