Spring Break Brainwashing Bitch Blackmail Fetish

by SpoiledJenny on March 30, 2017

Spring Break Brainwashing Bitch Blackmail Photos

My body is pure danger but you like a little danger. You’re spending Spring break with family and friends or maybe you’re alone. One thing is for sure, you’re horny as fuck and can’t stop thinking about jerking off. Thats why you’re going to Jenny jerk to my brainwashing hot photos. I don’t care where you are, head to the nearest private place right now. You will stare at my tits for 10 minutes. You will feel more of my brainwashing hold take over and you might even call another Woman Jenny. If you’re not careful with all the information you’ve told me it could get scary. You will begin to find my ass is taking over your mind and all you want to do is say YES to my ass. Yes, Jenny, Yes Jenny. Yes Jenny I will do whatever you say! Show me how much of a Jenny jerker that you are. Open your wallet and PAY this PRINCESS ASS!



I’m 100 Times Hotter Than That Bitch

by SpoiledJenny on December 9, 2015

I’m a 100 times hotter then your wife or girlfriend.  You wish your wife was as hot as me, your girlfriend cant get your cock hard like me can she.  You wish you were under my hot body fucking me don’t you. But your not, you could never have me and thats why you have her. Look at this perfect body, look at my ass, my tits, you WISH! You love the way I show off my tits at you and touch my pussy to fuck with your head. You’re gonna be thinking of me every time you touch her.  You may slip up and say my name. I know you jack off thinking about be even after you’ve fucked her. She can’t get your cock hard the way Princess does can she.  My body controls you. Go find that pussy of yours and go fantasize about me

I'm 100 Times Hotter Than Her