Masturbation Clip

Pillow Humping Instructional Clip 1

by SpoiledJenny on December 26, 2011

Do you dream about getting into bed with me, ha ha ha like that’s ever going to happen loser face, the closest you’re going to get to being in bed with me is by humping your pillow. Yes, really its time for you to go and fuck your pillow! It’s a hot joi masturbation clip for losers! When you get in that bed of yours all alone or with your fat ugly wife I know you close your eyes and wish it was me. Go right now and get your pillow and get ready for me to give you instructions while I’m laying in bed with my pillow in a hot bra and panties. I humiliate and cock mock you as you hump your pillow pretending it’s me. HA Ha you pathetic pussy loser get ready to make a fluffy mess! Get to Jenny jerking loser!

Pillow Humping Clip 1


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