It’s 2016 you’re STILL a loser!

by SpoiledJenny on January 5, 2016

It’s 2016 and you’re still on Niteflirt and STILL a loser Princess junkie! You perverts can’t get enough of opening your wallet and 2016 will be no exception! Click and pay and become even more of a pay pig loser having to PAY to look at my beautiful ass and pussy! Pay your Princess Jenny now you Jenny jerking addicts!
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Femdom Captioned Humiliation Photo Set

by SpoiledJenny on February 5, 2013

Hey Jenny jerking addicts I thought I would make a fun and humiliating captioned photo set. This is perfect for those who have an upskirt fetish,pussy fetish, any fetish really that comes with looking at my hypnotic addicting body.
I’ve got a new Femdom caption photo set on Niteflirt to get your little dick hard too! So there you are sitting on the sidewalk like a pervert looking at all the girls. I see you from a distance acting like you dropped something as you try to look up girls skirts and short shorts. Just as I pass by I catch you and come over to you and confront you letting you know what a pig loser you are. I loudly tell everyone that you’re a pervert with an upskirt fetish and now its time to totally humiliate you in public for it. Buy my new captioned photo set and find out what happens when you’re caught trying to look up a girls skirt.

Upskirt Photo Set


JOI Jerk Off Instruction Will I Let You Cum?

by SpoiledJenny on July 12, 2012

You will stroke when I tell you too, you’re only allowed to jerk it off when I tell you or say that you can. You do as I say, you listen to what I say. I control your cock now and I’m so glad we have an understanding about this. So lets get it started, I know you wanna jerk to my tits and you’re such a pervert you even want to jerk off to my sexy armpits. I may stop you right in the middle of jerking off but you won’t know until you buy this clip and see where it leads your cock. Will I be the ultimate cock tease and make you masturbate until it hurts or am I going to be so sexy and giving and let you have a hot explosion and cum all over the place for me. I own your cock, not you. Click, pay and start stroking Jenny jerkers!


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Beautiful Ass And Sole Worship

by SpoiledJenny on December 29, 2011

5 high res pics. Your ass fetish fix is ready to get served with my fine ass in your face ready for you to put up on your screen. You can make a beautiful screen saver to wake up every day and get on your knees to kiss and rub your face in. In a sexy baby doll, barefoot with my round apple ass up in the air waiting for you to shove your face in where it belongs. Lick my ass and soles loser.




Red Hot American Beauty Niteflirt Photo Set

by SpoiledJenny on December 29, 2011

Wanna make your cock go bang because you’ll never get to fuck me! You’re balls will explode all over when you see me in my hottest July Photo Set. Have you ever seen an American beauty look so hot! 8 high resolution seXXXy naughty bad girl photos all done up in Red, White and Blue showing off my naughty patriotic side. A Red hot set for Jenny jerkers like you to jerk off with.




Homework Slave Nylon Fetish Clip

December 26, 2011

My school clip ready and waiting for those hard cock flagpoles of yours that are standing up straight and stiff waiting to Jenny jerk a load right out of them for me! I’m the prettiest girl in the whole school and you know it so do my homework bitches! You love to worship your homecoming […]

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