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Booty Worship Clip Ass Shaking Princess

by SpoiledJenny on October 17, 2013

Princess Ass Shaking Stripper Worship
5 minute clip of me shaking my incredible Princess ass and body at you. You wish I was your own personal stripper, teasing you and grinding my Princess pussy against your tiny little cock. My ass so close to your face giving you serious booty shake making you so hard and needing more of me. You get to watch me seduce you and grind up on you but you know your never going home with me. You could never get a Princess like me. You pay to stroke to THIS body. Worship me now. Click, pay and get to Jenny jerking

Ass Shaking Sexy Body Worship


Seduced At The Casino Financial Domination Seduction

by SpoiledJenny on August 24, 2012

New HOT fetish ¬†clip download! In your face humiliation! I’m the ultimate in hot girl humiliation and seduction. I saw you at the casino winning all that money, I had My eye on you all night. Right from the start when I saw you at that roulette wheel winning you had that stupid glimmer in your eye. I saw you staring at my ass in my tight designer denim. You’re such a slave for a girl in hot jeans I knew how weak you were. I knew I could get you back to my room with that full wallet and seduce you and take it all for myself! Now that I’ve got you back at my room all tied up you’re totally fucked! You love my sexy outfit and my tight jeans and the way I flaunt my ass in your face. You can’t resist my body or my long legs and you know its too late now you’re so fucked! All the money goes to ME fuck face, you’re MINE forever you little winning gamble slut. You’re such a fuck face I’m gonna gag you with My panties, I don’t want to hear you talking you’re too stupid for me to listen too. So what should we do about this? You’ll just have to keep making me more and more and stuffing all those winnings into My pockets. Go make me more and more cash you casino slut ! Bank roll My pockets piggy.

Only $9.99 Ass lovers 


Only $9.99


Bikini Tease Public Tease Clip

by SpoiledJenny on December 26, 2011

Hotter then fireworks is my hot luscious body prancing around the park on a hot California day in my super sexy Hello Kitty bikini. All the guys were staring at me and I loved giving them a show. Now you too can see what you’ll never have. You want to watch this hot ass bounce around and tease you as I flirt through the park waving my American flags and even teasing you with sneak shots of my tits and pussy. I love knowing that someone was probably watching me. What’s more fun then public nudity and public flashing in the park on a busy day. Get your wallets out I’m going to be giving you boys a hard core case of Red , White and Blue balls.

Bikini Tease In Park



Pillow Humping Instructional Clip 1

by SpoiledJenny on December 26, 2011

Do you dream about getting into bed with me, ha ha ha like that’s ever going to happen loser face, the closest you’re going to get to being in bed with me is by humping your pillow. Yes, really its time for you to go and fuck your pillow! It’s a hot joi masturbation clip for losers! When you get in that bed of yours all alone or with your fat ugly wife I know you close your eyes and wish it was me. Go right now and get your pillow and get ready for me to give you instructions while I’m laying in bed with my pillow in a hot bra and panties. I humiliate and cock mock you as you hump your pillow pretending it’s me. HA Ha you pathetic pussy loser get ready to make a fluffy mess! Get to Jenny jerking loser!

Pillow Humping Clip 1


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Homework Slave Nylon Fetish Clip

by SpoiledJenny on December 26, 2011

My school clip ready and waiting for those hard cock flagpoles of yours that are standing up straight and stiff waiting to Jenny jerk a load right out of them for me! I’m the prettiest girl in the whole school and you know it so do my homework bitches! You love to worship your homecoming Queen I am and ALWAYS will rule your school. Ha HA Ha
It’s been a super long day and cheerleading practice was really hard and my toned legs are so sore and my feet need immediate attention. Who’s going to do my homework because I certainly don’t feel like doing it. Still in my cheerleader uniform, nude pantyhose with no panties and heels I catch you looking at my feet. You want to rub these smooth nylon covered feet don’t you. Come get on your knees and I’ll let you rub them and turn you into my homework slave. You can’t say no to your Princess Jenny.



Barefoot And Fishnet Stocking Fetish

December 1, 2011

Foot Fetish Worship Bare Feet To Fishnet Leg Lust Worship And Jerk Off Stroke Boy Leg lovers and foot fetish slaves drop down to your hands and knees and get your Jenny jerk on.My legs and feet will own you. This is a hot clip of my beautiful long bare legs teasing and making your […]

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